It’s not the most popular equipment in the gym but yet so effective. I wish more people— especially seniors — can get hold of a recumbent bike. It’s got the potential to transform your exercise routine for the better.

If you’re advanced in years, you love exercise but you need to protect yourself against injury then this is your solution. Below we’ll review some of the best ones to help you pick yours.

What is a Recumbent Bike?

A normal exercise bike can put a lot of strain on your back and requires effort to keep your balance. The best recumbent bike for seniors will have these features:

  • The seat supports your back with a backrest
  • The seat places you in a reclined position
  • The seat is often larger than usual which allows for an even weight distribution and more comfort

This takes pressure off your back and buttocks while still allowing you to get a good exercise. Even your head will be in a natural position and your feet keep level with the floor. This all adds to an ergonomic position that prevents neck muscles, knees and your spine from taking strain.

With such little strain put on your body these bikes can be used in recovery periods after injuries or operations. It’s also ideal exercise equipment for people with back or neck injuries or if you simply want to prevent future problems.

This makes the best recumbent bike for seniors a must have at home or at senior care facilities. Are you ready to get fit?

Recumbent Bike Reviews

Despite them not being that well known there are many models on the market. A best recumbent bike for seniors may not even be specifically designed for seniors’ exercise but the features are beneficial to your long term health.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors

This features as a best recumbent bike for seniors because it provides support in many necessary areas so seniors can exercise in comfort. The seat is thickly padded and the weighted, counter balanced pedals help you stay in control. This is how the best recumbent bikes for seniors make provision for the elderly’s need for balance.



Weight: 60lb

Dimensions: 55.5” x 25” x 37.5”


  • 8 resistance levels
  • Wheels make for easy portability and movability around the room or gym
  • Step through design allows mounting even with stiff knees and elbows
  • Can handle individuals with high body weight
  • Big enough for tall individuals (6’6” or shorter)


  • Small LCD screen is hard to read when you sit back
  • Loud mechanical noise after short period of use

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Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Your comfort is paramount in this model because the brand provides a thick, 3” thick padded seat which is even breathable so you won’t get too hot during your session. For seniors who need to keep their overall health in mind during training the hand pulse sensors can help keep track of your heart rate.

This candidate for best recumbent bike for seniors provides 12 different workout programs and your exercise is supported by a precision balanced flywheel. Because it has the open step in design there is less chance of you tripping while getting on or off the bike.

Weight: 71lb

Dimensions: 58” x 30” x 41”


  • Mobile device holder provided
  • Large control panel
  • 24 different tension levels


  • Difficult to change seat position and foot straps
  • Seat tends to make noise during use

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Diamondback Fitness 910SR Seat Recumbent

Diamondback Fitness Recumbent

What makes this a candidate for the best recumbent bike for seniors is the high quality mechanics. The flywheel is made of solid steel and the various components too. This provides a secure and smooth ride and the Eddy Current brake system keeps everything quiet.

The large screen provides up to date data on your sessions including heart rate. This is possible thanks to the wireless monitor you can connect to chest straps. Now you don’t have to hold onto a rate sensor while you pedal.

Pick from 35 different programs and 32 resistance levels; the most you’ll find on this review.

Here’s the bonus: This best recumbent bike for seniors even has a built in fan so you stay cool during a workout.

Weight: 152lb

Dimensions: 50” x 64” x 23”


  • Step through design makes for safe mounting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super quiet
  • Sturdy design
  • Water bottle holder included


  • Screen and controls aren’t intuitive
  • Seat adjustments are difficult
  • Confusing user manual for panel
  • Extremely heavy

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Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

With the right balance you can challenge yourself, get fit and enjoy quality cardiovascular workouts without hurting your back & joints. With the Exerpeutic 900XL you get this thanks to the magnetic tension control system that has eight different levels for customization.

The seat can be adjusted and even be put at different heights to maximize your comfort.

In front you can track your session’s details—heart rate, calories, speed and more—on the large LCD screen.

The unit has wheels for transportation so you don’t hurt yourself while moving it around the house. Individuals up to 300lb can use this model.

Weight: 63lb

Dimensions: 54” x 22” x 34”


  • Step through design is easy to mount
  • Easy assembly
  • Handles’ sensors track your heart rate
  • Pedals are large enough to easily stay in control


  • Seat isn’t very comfortable
  • Uneven peddling
  • Tension cold be too high for some seniors, even at low levels

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A best recumbent bike for seniors is the answer to many challenges the elderly face. Thanks to technology there’s a safe way to keep fit, recover and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Have you decided where you’re going to put yours yet?


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