Why can’t you enjoy your favourite pastime in winter too?

If you allow the cold to keep you indoors you’re missing out. And this isn’t to make you feel guilty about not following your usual routine. There are real benefits to finding ways of implementing winter biking, even when there’s snow

Firstly you’ll miss out on incredible adventure and scenery. Winter creates a unique beauty you’ll never experience in summer.

So let’s get right into my tips of biking in winter.

Upgrade your tires

Do not ride the same tires that you use in summer. If you do not want to buy new tires then this is what you should do.

First of all, lower your tires air pressure so it is more stable.

Put zip ties on your tires or add screws in them. Just be careful, don’t damage the inner tube.

Another idea is that you use small chain links. This is good if you have a lot of snow in your town or country or wherever you live.

Or the simplest way is to buy tires that are made for biking in winter.

Be visible in the dark

As we all know our days are shorter in winter than in summer, so it gets darker outside faster. You can never know how long you will be at your work and if you will ride back when it is already dark. So better to be ready for such thing.

First, buy some reflectors for your bike. It can be stickers or any other kind, as long as they are reflecting light and makes everyone see your bike. But reflectors on the bike are not enough. You have to be seen too, so you will need some clothing that has reflectors. At least pants or a helmet that is reflecting light.

This is very important, you should never commute if you do not have at least 5 reflectors on you and your bike altogether.

And of course, do not forget about headlight and tail lights for you to see the road if you are commuting somewhere where there are no lights around.

If you want more and advanced tips about safe cycling in winter then you should read this- Winter Biking Guide

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