No one needs to move faster and more efficient than a student and there is only one way a student can get from A to B cheap and effectively. It runs on fat and saves you money. Of course, it’s a bike.

When buying a student bike the choice can be tough. Being on a budget and getting a good deal is hard.

Student Speed BikeSingle speed bike will most likely be the best fit as it needs the least money, time and effort to keep it going. Designed to be as simple as possible it is the most long-lasting and trustworthy means of transportation you can get. It literally consists of two wheels and pedals connected by a chain and there is not much to break down. Latest bikes have progressed so far where a steel bike can weight as low as 8kg and with most cities in Europe being mostly flat and your leg power strong enough to climb a few hills, a single speed bike makes the best student bike there is. Can you even imagine a better bike than the simplest machine there is? Besides, these bikes look good too.

It could be tempting to go on a market and get a second-hand bike right away but hold on for now. Although a second-hand bike is always an option, you should also consider a long-term expense for upkeeping the bike. There are several possible consequences when buying second-hand bikes.

It could be broken or break down soon

You could find out the tires are worn, sprockets are worn, brakes need changing, the wheels are no good, or even worse, the frame might be cracked. Any of these or other issues will land you a hefty bill at bicycle repairs. Although second hand is definitely cheaper, there is a fantastic selection of cheaper single speed bikes coming right off the shelf. Considering the amount that could sum up for repairs it would be much wiser buying new. New bikes are definitely not defective and do come with a warranty too.

It could be more expensive in a long run

If your second-hand bike doesn’t break down right away, it could do any time. If you will start spending money on unexpected repairs, it could end up costing you more in the long run. New bikes are sold as a whole entity and cost a lot cheaper than buying each part separately.

It could be stolen

All bikes have a unique frame number which can be registered at any local police station and you should definitely do that. There is also something called laser tagging, an invisible mark which registers a bike to its owner. You should also get this done to your bike. Worst that could happen is if you buy a bike and it has previously been stolen, Police will simply take it away from you to return it back to the original owner. This could happen when you try to register the bike or in case your bike get’s checked. You don’t have that risk with a new bike.


On a more positive note, riding any bike makes you a happier person and no doubt, it is the best form of transportation in any city or campus.

To wrap things up, single speed bikes are:

  • simple and efficient
  • easy and cheap to maintain
  • last longer than other bikes

And this, I think, makes the best student bike there is.

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