When I did a bike-a-thon for 36 miles. My ride was an old Royce Union that was nearly 20 years old. The pedal bearings were shot, so I replaced the pedals with some cheap aftermarket K-mart brand ones. However, the thread size wasn’t the same. Luckily, the pedals come with their own adapter, but they effectively made the pedals stick out about 1.5″ further.

On the way back to the starting point (about 10 miles from the finish), I noticed my right pedal started to wobble. I thought maybe I was just getting tired or pedaling odd, but the wobble persisted. I finally look down and notice the pedal is resting at about a 45 degree angle out of the crank arm. I hop off quickly and take a look, and notice that the inside of the crank arm was stripped. Apparently, the way I pedal was holding the pedal adapter in place and shearing a little bit of the thread with each turn of the crank. So essentially, I had no way of screwing the pedal back in. I was pissed.

I had some plastic bags in my pack, so I tore off a few little squares, and then layered them on top of one other, then placed it over the thread on the pedal. I jammed it into the crank arm, where it sat sticking straight out. I realized I could not put any real pressure on the pedal, but could put enough on it to keep the crank going (I had no straps or clip-ins). So for the last 10 miles of the ride, I pedaled with only my left leg. My knee was certainly sore, but I was so proud I managed to make it through despite the odds. So satisfying!

Good, bad, or otherwise, tell us about your most memorable or cherished experience on two wheels.

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